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Psychological reason behind Femdom

Female dominance can be noticed in world, they are on top of every list of successful personalities. The same can be seen in their homes also; Femdom is getting famous in modern society. It is the sexual act showing female dominance during intercourse. Women want to control her male partner by all the ways; either painful or not. They like to use many torture techniques to convey the message of superiority. Many male partners are also feeling comfortable with this forced sex. Women overcome their muscular weakness over men by using many tools designed specifically for them.

Some Domme wears black leather dresses to show themselves as a divine creature and love to torture the mail partner. Some compare Femdom with rape which is completely wrong. The main difference among these two terms is involvement of both partners. Although male partner feel intense pain during some acts but he always knew the risks associated.  It should not be confused with criminal behavior, it is just the psychological feeling of being dominant accompanied by some sexual behavior. It is observed that many highly paid business men went for mistress services of similar kind as they feel relaxed after female dominant intercourse.

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